Oh, Sunshine. Never change.

So this charming exchange got linked to in this manosphere post accusing Sunshine Thiry of being a liar (won’t bother with hiding her real name anymore since it’s being used everywhere now). Since then, Mrs. Dishwasher Knives and Spankings has been running around telling everyone that WE EDITED HER COMMENT OMG:

Matt is using a comment on a feminist parody blog as a source. As I already explained in detail, I left a comment there and the author edited it to make it seem like I said something I didn’t. When I pointed out that this is what happened, Lena S (aka CL – 7Man’s girlfriend) and Laura Grace Robins (lgrobins) said that’s impossible because no one ever edits comments like that.

Yet in the thread Matt wrote about me , he ADMITS he edited one of his commenter’s comments (they were trying to disagree with him; he changed the comment so that it looked like they agreed with him)! I wouldn’t advise anyone ever to leave comments there; nothing is stopping him from changing your comments just like he changed that one. What if he changes your comment to make it look like you are threatening to call CPS on someone, just like my comment was changed?

For one, I don’t think WordPress comment editing works that way. Or maybe it does, I don’t have time to check. Either way it doesn’t matter, because heeeeerrrrrre’s the screenshot of the original comment notification in our email inbox, showing the exact same CPS threat Sunshine Thiry accused us of inserting:


In other words, in a thread about how she’s a NOT A LIAR OMG, Sunshine Mary has told another clear and easily verifiable lie. I can actually forward the comment notification to anyone wants to see it.

Sunshine, you’re just getting sad now. Oh well, happy spankings anyway.

EDITED TO ADD: What’s super funny about SSM’s lie here is that when she’s making the CPS threat, she mentions private school records sent to her from the lady she thought was running this blog, “E”. In other words, something that only SSM and “E” knew about. This blog has nothing to do with “E”, we’ve never communicated with her, and I think the only thing I’ve read from her was a comment somewhere mentioning this same CPS threat. And she will back that up. Sunshine Thiry is claiming that the people behind this blog inserted information about a private communication that we had no way of knowing about.

Of course, you could argue that this blog has been in cahoots with “E” since August 2013, and that E contacted us about the school records and then we concocted a dastardly plan together in which we’d edit SSM’s comments to make it look like she was threatening to call CPS on someone. And instead of doing it on a blog people actually read, we’d do it on a blog that at the time had about 10 readers. And since then, we’ve been denying we know each other because we’re just that clever and evil.

We did this because we just somehow knew that a popular manosphere blogger would link to that obscure comment thread several months in the future, and that the comment would blow up in SSM’s face. That’s how good we are!

I guess in the paranoid mind of a SSM follower, those events could make sense. But my question is… why bother? Why would this blog track down “E” and find out about these private school records in order to edit a comment and smear SSM? If we were going to edit a comment and make it look like SSM is a pathetic narcissist who threatens to call the authorities when people make fun of her, why not just edit it to say “I AM GOING TO CALL THE POLICE ON YOU MWAHAHAHAHA” and save ourselves the trouble?

Or could it be that the private information appeared in the comment because SSM wrote the damn comment, and is telling lies?


7 thoughts on “Oh, Sunshine. Never change.

    • I’m also shocked, SHOCKED, that she apparently doesn’t know how comment notifications work, or that they sit around in inboxes forever and don’t disappear just because you wish really really hard that they would.

      Who would expect something like that from the woman who accused this blog of stealing her friend’s IP address?

  1. Glad you are back, Sunshine Gary. Much love & best wishes.

    It has been an eventful spring in hateful manosphere bizarro land.

  2. Personally, I’m sad that Sunshine has gone. The manosphere just isn’t the same without her. I hope she’s using the hiatus to write her tell-all book..

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