Now that SSM has been doxed elsewhere this just isn’t fun anymore, sorry. I hope my coauthors agree.

(I do not approve of teh doxing 😦 )

Edited to clarify: After finding out a few more details about Sunshine Mary’s life, the fun has gone out of trolling her because you can’t really troll someone you feel sorry for. It’s like kicking a puppy. “Sunshine Mary” was easy to troll. She was a hilariously inept “Christian” “antifeminist” with about as much self-awareness as a taco, and the Internet knowledge of my 93-year-old great-grandmother (“Someone hacked into my facebook account and stole this picture that I had set on public! And they stole my IP address!”). She was also a liar and a hypocrite (crying to WordPress mods when someone put up a picture of her kids up with their faces blacked out, and yet threatening to shop this blog’s owners to the CPS in the comments section. Oh, not to mention charging people with DMCA violations despite the fact that about 95% of the pictures on her blog are stolen.)

Sunshine T**** is all of these things, I guess. But she’s also a sad middle-aged woman who lives in a lousy neighborhood. Her super “alpha” husband is a male nurse* with a massive inferiority complex who has cheated on her 30 times. Judging by SSM’s occasional straying-from-the-MRA-party-line followed by quick backtracking, HHG is still holding the threat of more cheating over her head and is one insufficiently submissive spanking-reception away from going back to his old ways. Those of us who aren’t sheltered narcissists know that for the sort of person that HHG apparently is, nothing is enough – if he wants to cheat again, he will cheat again, and it doesn’t matter how many knives you wash by hand or how many MRA basement-dwellers you defend online. Eventually, it’s going to happen, and I think even Sunshine knows that on some level, which is probably one of the reasons she is so detached from reality (HHG is totally a doctor!!! I am upper middle class and live in Ann Arbor!). She must also realize on some level that her blog’s “fans” will keep up their adoration for her for exactly as long as she keeps agreeing with them and trashing other women. Any divergence from that and they will have as much use for her as a used Kleenex.

But is that what really made me feel so bad for her? No. It was finding out that she only has one bathroom in her house. Among six people. I mean, wow. I’d probably develop a mental illness if I had to live like that for 20 years, too.

Anyway, I am tossing up whether to put the old entries back up, but this place probably won’t be updating anymore.

Wow, that ended up long.

* I have nothing but respect for nurses, male or female, of course. But HHG the ultra-manly woman-spanking dominant alpha being a nurse is just so wonderful. Can you imagine all the female doctors and administrators he has to take orders from? I wonder if he threatens to confiscate their equipment if they’re not using it properly and then accuses them of being “feminists” when they ignore him…


6 thoughts on “Bahleeted

  1. I have some familiarity with the ‘manosphere’ and the various ‘red pill/honeybadger/otherwise “good” women that inhabit it, but I don’t really go out of my way to keep up with them either I have therefore been somewhat out of the loop, did you dox Mary or was that somebody else?

  2. I will provide my wife, children, and thralls with sufficient bathrooms or I will be unworthy of them and lose them to a worthier man.

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