Ask Sunshine Mary: Answers!

HolyhandgrenadePhil writes:

If you’d have used your mouth instead of your hand, you wouldn’t have tendonitis.

That’s all I’m saying.

That is not even a question 😦

Andrea writes:

How do you keep the anger, hurt and resentment under control so that you can be the submissive wife your husband needs?

What anger, hurt, and resentment? Blogging thousands of words weekly about how other women suck is obviously the result of happiness and security, and I really feel sorry for you if you don’t realize that.

If you have anger, hurt and resentment in your life, Andrea, you should consider having children. It is totally the cure for any kind of human suffering (I think it even says so in the Bible. I would check, but for some reason my copy keeps bursting into flames whenever I touch it). I had four daughters and just look at how sanctified I am.

Also, how do you protect yourself from STIs since you don’t believe in using condoms?

I don’t know what you’re talking about or what that doctor told you, but neither me nor HHG has an STI. Only slutty fat feminists get STIs and anyway, it’s just a rash caused by these crotchless panties.

Elphaba writes:

Rumor has it your readers have dubbed themselves “The Celibate Gang.” Are incel males both married and un your target market?

I don’t know where you heard this “rumor”, Elphaba, but chances are you are an unhappy fat feminist spinster who doesn’t even have side bangs. It is logically impossible for my followers to be incel, because they read my blog and are therefore dominant alpha males who can turn on sex-crazed feminine submission like a light switch. In fact, my readers should be admired for their restraint. They COULD be having all the sex and meaningful relationships and non-basement domiciles they want, but they are choosing not to in order to fight feminism.

However, if by chance an incel male or two DOES wander onto my blog (maybe he is married but his wife is a fat brainwashed feminist slut and even his alpha charms don’t work on her, and even slapping her around doesn’t help) I will soon be marketing a Sunshine Mary blow-up doll to service their needs. She will feature side bangs, a black turtleneck, baggy mom jeans, black eyeliner, and crotchless panties, and she will look at least ten years younger than her age. Oh, and of course she will have a realistic “love tank” for needy readers to fill up. Expect a kickstarter project soon 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ask Sunshine Mary: Answers!

  1. What happened to HHG’s blog? WordPress says the authors shut it down. 😦 Now who will teach men how to be manly alphas?

  2. Hey, Deti,

    Saw your comment on the male need for unconditional love at SSM as well as Stingray’s reply to you about being beta. Although I really don’t care to comment at SSM, I wanted to tell you I really get where you are coming from and I don’t think it’s particularly beta–at least not in the way beta is used as a shaming term. (It’s more of a comfort related thing–in the sense Athol talks about.)

    I found it ironic that Stingray, one of the submissives, jumped on that. I’m probably one of the least submissive women you know, but I’m not particularly upset if on a Saturday afternoon, DH decides to sit around in his underwear, watching TV, farting and eating Cheerios. (Is there a union rule that says you guys get to do that? What’s up with the Cheerios anyway? Guys love Cheerios; I always make sure DH has some. And OK, I confess, I can do without the farting.) I would bet that Mr. HUS does the same without much complaint from Susan.

    But she and I both have reasonably egalitarian and friendship-based relationships but our husbands. We are not on a constant search for “gina tingles” or reassurance that a “strong alpha male” will take care of us. It lets us give our guys a little slack. I’m genuinely sorry that you didn’t get that and that people at SSM shat on one of the few genuinely appealing and human things I’ve seen you write. I mean that sincerely.

    Well, just my opinion.

    SSG, sorry to have gone all serious on you. I love this blog!!!!

  3. Ah, but Sunshine Gary, I already have kids. In fact, I suspect I’m more sanctified than thou because I had three SONS. Boys. Future men. You know, Alpha Spawn.

    Well, of course, it’s nice that you had daughters and all. I’m sure that Murse Phil was totes happy with daughters to teach submission to.

  4. Dear SSG,

    I’m a long time reader and admirer of you, Murse Phil and the wonderful life you two have built together. I envy you two. While like you, I am an upper middleclass mom (My husband is a sanitation engineer!) in a long term Christian marriage, but happiness has eluded me. In the past few months, I have tried to emulate you in the hopes that I would able to prod my husband into becoming a more manly man. I’ve bleached my hair blonde, following your example of eliminating all high and low lights to get that natural, Midwestern, Nellie Olson look. I’ve grown out my bangs and have begun sweeping them to the side, thereby accenting the beakiness of my nose. I’ve thrown out all my old clothes and now wear nothing but crotchless panties that I’ve received as Christmas presents, hooker heels, black turtlenecked sweaters and skorts. I’ve even purchased him a brand new belt to beat me with when I have PMS. Still nothing worked and my husband refuses to respond to my submissive gestures with tingle inducing multiple affairs. What can I do? No matter how much I submit, I still return from my gyno’s office (where I also wear my best underwear) with a disgustingly….

    Normal Pap Smear

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