HHG has a new blog!


Go check it out, it’s super manly and alpha LOL

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to be off to court to work out some issues with child support payments. Apparently HHG forgot to wear a condom a few times during his feminism-inspired infidelity and accidentally sanctified a few women.


5 thoughts on “HHG has a new blog!

    • IAMAVIKING!!! My love! I must confess that I have dreamed about you while sleeping next to my big pile of cats. I sometimes wish that we could get married, and then I could have children to sanctify me like they have obviously sanctified Sunshine Mary.

      • AFB, I am still confounded that such a glorious Northern maiden as yourself could be cursed to wander bitter Singleheim. You must be merely toying with me, from your hall where you pour mead for your lord, and use his internet connection.

  1. I am merely startled that a generous brave Viking such as yourself would be interested in me! I spend my days sewing cat ponchos and dreaming of the life of non-feminist happiness offered by the manosphere. Can it be true, I ask myself as I dust my Sex and the City DVD sets with my own tears.

  2. Cat ponchos to protect those who pull our lady Freya’s chariot no doubt! Your virtue and piety are unparalleled. How may I find you?

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