Healthcare costs and feminism

In today’s healthcare debate, there’s one serious subject that most people in our feminism-haunted world never bring up: the obligation we have, as a society, to pay for the sins of modern women.

I mean, think about it: what percentage of modern health problems can ultimately be attributed to the effects of STDs and delayed childbirth? My guess is around 90-95%.

Consider the people you know who have diabetes. Would they still be so fat if they spent more time running around after children? (I am not fat at all.) Other “illnesses” such as multiple sclerosis and thyroid cancer probably have similar causes.

Mental illness is another category where this applies: many of today’s women brazenly refuse to cure their psychological disorders by having children and/or consuming semen, and then expect taxpayers to pick up the tab for their selfishness.

I am PMSing this week so I can’t go into more details. Thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Healthcare costs and feminism

  1. This is so true. My sister was diagnosed with T1 diabetes as a young child. I’m sure her body knew that she would delay childbearing until she was nearly thirty and that because of all the complications she would only have one, and that’s why she got it. Of course, she wasn’t fat at all when she was diagnosed, but she also wasn’t running around after kids.

    Yep, it was totally her fault and a judgment from God that she got it.

    • Well she must have done SOMETHING. Otherwise the act of sneering at the unfortunate and different would make me a horrible person and a stain on my professed religion, and that’s not true obviously LOL!!!

  2. I agree. I don’t want to pay for sluts’ health care. Or their baby showers for that matter. Let them reap what they sow and may God bless their souls.

  3. I think other females are just jealous of you, because you’re not fat at all, look at least 10 years younger than you are, and you have such an ALPHA MALE for a husband!

    • Oh, I know. They’re definitely jealous. She’s just so stunningly gorgeous. Of course, her husband wouldn’t look twice at her if he saw her today, but that’s only because of all those slutty student nurses whose health care we’re all paying for.

  4. Might I suggest a guest post by Joseph of Jackson? He did a wonderful job of explaining how women are property (like donkeys) in the comments he left on the unaffiliated Sunshine Mary blog today. I’ll bet he could write an inspiring one here.

    • Indeed, rape is a crime against a man’s property! Who is going to compensate men for the damaged goods? No woman should receive health care of any kind without her husband’s permission. My husband has told me point blank that if I ever get sick, he’ll probably move on. He knows that can only happen through sin. I plan to be far more precious than jewels, so no worries!

    • Oh YES!! I just love when Joseph quotes Genesis 2:18, it makes me all tingly!
      “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a fuckable pack mule for him.”

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