Is it morally wrong to give semen to depressed people who are under 18?

Recently the webmistress of the unaffiliated blog expressed thoughts on the antidepressant effects of semen:


Of course, these sentiments are generally accepted among the red-pill Manosphere. But this afternoon, while I was closing some drawers that HHG left open (he hates drawers because he says they remind him of bedpans. I don’t know what a doctor really has to do with bedpans he is totally a doctor) I was thinking about this a bit more.

Antidepressants are expensive these days, and have some unpleasant side effects. Moreover, depression seems to be worryingly common. (A lot of my friends, neighbors and relatives seem to look and act quite depressed, especially after I spend a while telling them about me and HHG’s wonderful marriage. Probably because they are realizing just how much happiness they have been deprived of thanks to feminism.)

And yet all this time, men are walking around with what is basically a free pharmacy in their pants. As we all know, men (especially manly ones like my readers) produce far more semen than even the most submissive wives can hope to absorb. Do men have a moral obligation to share this semen with women in the general population?

Of course, I am not recommending that men cheat on their wives (HHG, if you are reading this, PLEASE. We can talk about it.)  But maybe red-pill men have a moral obligation to set up some sort of intercourse-free distribution system, a bit like a blood bank. This would allow women that red-pill men would otherwise not want to access sexually (fat women, lesbians, women over 30, women with tattoos, Churchians, feminists, barrens, etc) to receive the benefits of semen. It might also get around the fact that it’s actually against the law in our feminine-ruled society to have sex with some categories of people (LOL!!)

I am female so of course the actual logistics of this plan are beyond me. What do you think, Sunshine Mary followers?


4 thoughts on “Is it morally wrong to give semen to depressed people who are under 18?

  1. Sounds, excellent! The benefits of semen can’t be underestimated at all! Of course, I hate the idea of undesirable women with access such as fat feminists, but perhaps the semen will help alleviate that? Who knows

    • Does it matter what kind of semen is involved? Is there a difference between Red Pill semen and regular man semen? Or between Alpha and Beta — or, g-d forbid, delta — semen?

      I would think that, to ensure success, we would need to carefully screen semen to make sure it’s not cumming from the wrong sorts of men. That might do more harm than good.

      • Screening for red-pill alphas would be simple. You simply set up a fake dishwasher in the waiting room and have a woman put knives into it. If the man waiting to donate semen becomes enraged and starts throwing pagers at her, he is accepted.

  2. Oh, no! You’re actually making me think. Now I have a migraine. Perhaps my husband’s semen will make it go away. Is it okay if him implants his manly seed into my lady butt? For some reason he only wants to put his holy penis into my lady butt.

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