Feminists are perpetually offended.

Everything upsets them, even dumb jokes, and if it upsets them, it needs to be illegal.

On a completely unrelated note, someone is writing a parody blog about me. HHG saw it and threw a fit! (you know, the type when they roll around on the ground letting out a high-pitched wail and banging their fists on the ground. All alpha males do it. You know the type.)

I’ve contacted WordPress, CPS, the FCC, the FBI (stealing IPs is a federal crime, isn’t it?), the Department of Homeland Security, the authorities at the Vision Forum, several local news channels, and my congressman. (911 has stopped answering my calls for some reason – they’re probably dealing with all the violence caused by white knights out there defending fat ungrateful women.)

What should I do next, internet? I am out of ideas, and HHG is sulking in his mini and keeps yelling at me that he won’t come out until the blog is gone. How am I meant to buy groceries without his permission? My children are hungry, internet, and it’s all this stupid, lawfare-happy, humorless feminist’s fault.


4 thoughts on “Feminists are perpetually offended.

  1. You haven’t contacted any MRA groups yet?!? They need to BOLO for this lawless lawbreaker feminist type! She’s probably got hairy pits and everything.

  2. It’s sad, but I just got down reading an article where one said the Millionaire Matchmaker should be kicked off the air (because the four people who watch it are, like, patriarchy itself), saw one oldie about how all penetrative sex was rape, saw one where Twitter updates were a form of rape, saw one where Tumblr messages where a form of rape, saw one where ‘dismissive comments’ were (you guessed it) a form of rape, another equated a summer camp that encouraged children (all children) to yell at dinosaurs with encouraging rape and then another where a guy at a co-ed gym who was on a stationary bike near her “probably wanted to rape her… Because I felt his eyes looking at me.” Even though, apparently, she never actually turned her head. This was evidence for stopping patriarchal systems like mixed gender gyms which, you guessed it again, encourage rape.

    • IAmyClae,
      ‘m going to guess that you red those articles on MRA Reddit or some other MRA blog. They sound like those “poor, male, victim” stories MRAs are always screeching about.

      HHG has a right to be angry. You caused this mess b/c you were busy blogging when you should have been cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, and sexing him up.

      I’m sure you can forget about getting a new dish waster any time soon. You don’t deserve one. If I were you, I’d invest in some rubber gloves and start clipping Palmolive coupons.

      Have you thought about using a timer? A lot of submissive women use timers to limit the time they spend on the Internet and doing things for themselves. It keeps their selfish natures under control when their male providers are working and can’t directly supervising them.

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