Feminists at the CPS :(

SSM: Hi, is this the Child Protective Services? I would like to report my friend for being a bad mother because I think she is making fun of me on the internet. I am a good wife and mother of four daughters who looks like she is in her thirties, and I do not deserve this.

CPS: Uh, ok. Is she threatening you?

SSM: No, but she is making fun of my blog in which I encourage marital rape and tell fathers that they should teach their daughter to submit!

CPS: I see. How many underage girls did you say you had in the house again?

SSM: Four. Why do you want to know? Are you going to give me some sort of award?


4 thoughts on “Feminists at the CPS :(

  1. I’ve contacted Red Pill Wifey to let her know that you’ve stolen her IP address. She is investigating that. I’ve also contacted Word Press and waiting for their response.

  2. Oh, for pity’s sake, RPW doesn’t own her IP address. It was assigned to her by her ISP. And in this day of dynamic IPs, well, this is all probably too advanced for you.

    Silencing a parody site just because it offends you is rather childish, don’t you think? Aren’t you giving it more weight and attention than it deserves? Why not just be the bigger person and ignore it?

    Girl logic, I suppose. Make sure to stamp your foot and throw something right before you delete your own blog in a huff. That’ll teach ’em.

  3. Love this. Saw a mention on Free Jinger and just had to visit. You have the posters there laughing out loud.

    I’ll bet you could turn your fan fiction into a trilogy that would rival 50 Shades of Gray. You’d just have to come up with a new genre, maybe Christian-Submission-Horror.

    The first story could be called Spanked. It would tell the tale of how HHG got Sunshine to submit using a Bible and a wooden hairbrush.

    Next up would be Shamed. It would be a scary story about how Sunshine starts a bootcamp for reformed sluts and fatties. She shames them until they are thin and chaste, just like her (LOL).

    The final book could be Alphaed. It would be about how Sunshine and HHG can’t find men who are alpha enough for their daughters so they recruit a bunch of beta boys and train them on everything from how to shoot a gun to how to spank a wife to how to cherry pick Bible verses to get your wife to submit.

    • My husband is an NRA instructor AND he is excellent at the spanking thing. Something tells me, though, that it may be a slightly different type of spanking …

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