America’s Failing Feminist Education System

I received a funny look the other day from a female history professor (!! LOL) when I repeated thoughts similar to this comment posted earlier here at the unaffiliated blog:


The woman started saying something after that about how anatomy and physiology classes, and doctors’ offices for that matter, haven’t existed for that long in history. She also said that for a lot of human history people would have had a lot of exposure to biological sex because they would have lived on a farm, and they would have had to talk about breeding and animal pregnancy and things as part of daily life.

Of course you can guess my reaction, internet! LOL What are they teaching in those feminist schools these days? This woman is a history professor (she is not even married BTW) and a feminist and she thinks women were farmers?


Above: a farmer, according to feminism.

Those of us who have taken the “red pill” can of course think about the world logically and see how ridiculous this is. How would women even run combine harvesters while wearing long skirts? And what, we are expected to believe that farms would have just lain fallow for a week every month while the ladies had their periods? ROFL.


5 thoughts on “America’s Failing Feminist Education System

  1. OK, it didn’t take long to figure out who you are.

    Does this strike you as normal behavior on your part? Of course I am going to immediately report you to word press, but furthermore, can you not see that this is bizarre, bizarre behavior? Your obsession with me has gone on long enough. Surely there is something going on in your life that is a bit more worthwhile than this.

    I understand that you dislike me and I have understood for a long time that you are obsessed with me, but I can’t quite understand why you are so obsessed. E., I’d encourage you to speak to a priest or counselor and get some help with this. Most people find your behavior very strange. I think if you step back and consider your behavior, you will have to agree that it is rather disturbed.

    In any event, I will pray for you and also for your children. It worries me that they are under your care, frankly. Recall that even when you barely knew me, you sent me one of your daughter’s private school records (IEP) with all your personal information in it. I am going to assume that unless this blog is deleted that you have had some kind of mental health crisis, and it will then be necessary for me to contact authorities to check on your children’s well-being.

    May God bless you with renewed health and peace.

  2. What strikes me as bizarre and disturbed is the fact that you are threatening someone with CPS because they offended you and insinuating that you will release private information about someone’s daughter in order to silence them.

  3. Especially when you consider that the people who run this blog have all this same personal information on SSM and her family, but have not revealed it because they’re not insane narcissistic sociopaths.

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