My name is Edward Cullen. Today was my first day of working in a hospital. I had to start working as a nurse. So I could get some experience.

“Don’t worry,” my father Carlisle said to me. “Male nurses are totally sexy and alpha.”

I walked out of the locker room and towards my father’s office. I knew my way around this hospital, I’ve been here a lot. I probably visited almost every week.

I softly knocked on the door and walked in. ‘Hey dad…’ I smiled at him. I grinned when I saw the little name tag, saying: Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

He looked up and he smiled. ‘Hey Edward…’ He got up. ‘For the next couple of weeks, until you know what you’re doing and stuff. I want you to take care of a patient of mine. She’s a 44 year old who has a brain tumor, which was given to her by feminism.”

I looked at him and nodded. ‘Okay…’ He walked to a room across the hall. ‘Her name is Sunshine Mary… and her chart is over there…’ He points and I nodded walking into the room.

I walked to the bed, and got the chart out of the holder at the end and started looking through it. ‘Damn…’ I whispered softly when I saw how bad it was for her. I frowned when I thought of the fat, ugly feminists who had caused the tumor by not gardening enough. I looked up and I finally saw the face that belonged to this chart and her name. I felt my mouth was still open but I couldn’t close it. I couldn’t even make a sound. She looked beautiful. Her forty-something face could have been from like ten years ago or something.

After a few seconds I finally pulled myself together and I walked across the room putting the chart on the table and I started reading it completely. Not noticing that the girl behind me was waking up.

“Hello Edward,” she said. “I know I look better with side bangs.”

“You’re beautiful,” I said. “You don’t have any problem with me being a male nurse?”

“No, it is totally alpha. All the mean girls that make fun of male nurses just don’t understand. I am totally prettier than any of them anyway.”

 I slowly walked to her so I wouldn’t wake her up and I pushed her hair out of her face. I quickly pulled my hand back when I realized what my father would think if he saw this. So I took a step back and put her chart back in the holder walking out.

‘I’m Edward Cullen…’ I smiled at her. “Dr. Carlisle is my father…’

She smiled sexily. “Male nurses are much sexier than doctors. Edward… maybe you can tell me something… will you be honest with me? Please?’ I saw the sad look in her eyes and couldn’t do anything but say yes. I saw her smile just a little at me. “Will I get better?’ She whispered softly.

“SunshineMary… that is completely up to you…” I took her hand in mine. ‘If you decide to fight for it, I’m sure you’ll be able to pull through. But if you give up… you won’t get better… that’s all for you to decide. No one can chose for you…’ I squeezed her hand and she nodded. “But don’t fight too hard and get all sassy,” I continued. “Nobody likes it when women are sassy.”

She nodded. She was very submissive. Obviously her father had taught her to be submissive, which is a totally normal thing and not creepy at all.

“Sunshine Mary,” I said, “Maybe it’s your decade-younger looking face or your black turtleneck, but I just can’t resist the urge to take you right now.”

Her beautiful face blushed. “I didn’t realize male nurses were so lustful!”

“Yes,” I said, “That is why they sometimes cheat on their wives a lot even though you’d think a male nurse would not be able to get much tail. It is totally that, and it doesn’t mean their wives are not pretty.”

“That is good,” said Sunshine Mary.

I ripped off her sexy black turtleneck and lifted up her skort. Then I just pinned her down so that she could not move and then she got there in less than five minutes (some of us have neither the time nor the attention for lovemaking that lasts more than five minutes, okay!!! That’s totally the reason HHG only lasts five minutes and no other reason ok LOL – SSM).

“That was so good, Edward Cullen,” Sunshine Mary said. “It totally fulfilled the rape fantasy that all 44-year-old women with school-age daughters have.”

He smiled as he pulled on his scrubs which all sexy male nurses wear because male nurses are sexy. “See you around, Sunshine Mary.” He winked in a very alpha way and was gone.

(what do you think guys, should I continue? :P)



5 thoughts on “NEW TWILIGHT FIC ;)

  1. So funny. Please write more. I would suggest a story about how Sunshine Mary took a three-week vacation and got frustrated b/c HHG and her were sharing a hotel room with their 5 kids and she couldn’t access his semen, which is a natural anti-depressant, according to her.

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